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Upcoming Meeting and Events

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UMADC Committee Members

Executive Committee

Chairman/Area Leader Kyle Shenk
Vice Chair – Region 1 Rich Rhindress
Vice Chair – Region 2 Tony Heyl
Vice Chair – Region 3 Diane Reilly
Recording Secretary Carolyn Moatz
Comm. Director Jim Baum
Treasurer / State Committee Tom Kohler
MCDC Area 12 Representative Zach Davis
Region 1 Name
Belmont 2 Bill Jenaway
Belmont 2 Carole Kenney
Belmont 4 Rich Rhindress
Belmont 4 Karen Reimet
Belmont 5 Mike Gressen
Belmont 5 Greg Waks
Candlebrook 1 Noreen Balsano
Candlebrook 1/State Committee Tom Kohler
Candlebrook 2 Evelyn Ankers
Candlebrook 2 Jim Baum
State Committee Carlton Stuart
Region 2 Name
Bridgeport 1 Amy High
Bridgeport 1 Tricia Begnaud
Bridgeport 2 Meghan Nolan
Bridgeport 2 Carolyn Moatz
Bridgeport 3 Tony Heyl
Bridgeport 3 Roseanne Socolowski
Belmont 1
Belmont 1
Belmont 3 Monica Littman
Belmont 3 Jim Ruddy
Swedeland Hope Snow
Swedeland Kevin Snow
West Conshohocken Danelle Fournier
West Conshohocken Amparo Gonzalez
Region 3 Name
Gulph 1Diane Reilly
Gulph 1MP Tomei
Gulph 2Brian Sloman
Gulph 2Debbie Chadwick
King 1Dudley Best
King 1 
King 2Zach Davis
King 2Tina Garzillo
RobertsJoan McAndrew
RobertsSteven Geltman
Town CenterRhonda Taller

Latest News

Primary Day

 MP Tomei, Gulph 1 Committeewoman and Cheryl VanGieson, volunteer on Primary Day, April 23rd, 2024, handing out yellow candidate lists to voters at the Gulph

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UMADC Canvassing Update

Diane and Steve Reilly, Upper Merion Dems members, completed their first canvassing turf Saturday morning in Norristown and checked out at MCDC/Biden headquarters.

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