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The Upper Merion Area Democratic Committee (also known as Area 12 of the Montgomery County Dems) is responsible for advancing the Democratic Party in the communities of Upper Merion, Bridgeport and West Conshohocken.

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Please consider financially supporting the Democratic Committee in the Upper Merion Area. Making a contribution has never been easier. CONTRIBUTE TODAY!


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Latest News

Debunking UM Fox News (AKA UM Revealed) October 15, 2015

There is no denying it now. The so called “Upper Merion Revealed” (AKA UM Fox News) is a no-so-thinly vailed front for the Republican Committee of Upper Merion. They are claiming that a proposed development near the Valley Forge Towers is the fault of the Board of Supervisors. Funny that they themselves received a FOUR FIGURE campaign contribution from the very developer who is trying to build on the brownfield, in 2011. The campaign treasurer at the time is none other than the UM Republican chair who is currently running for Supervisor. “What did we get for our tax dollars?” they ask in reference to the open space referendum. Do they really believe 5 million dollars could by ALL the open space in Upper Merion? But to answer their question: *The Swim Club (Land that was saved from a developer that would have been approved under the Republican Board of Supervisors.) *The New Community Center (which was not bought by township when swim club was aquired because the GOP Board didn’t want a community center) *The easement from PECO that will soon be home to the Chester Valley Trail that will link the Schuylkill River trail to Exton The first 6 years after that referendum passed, the folks behind UM Revealed, ran the township. So if open space wasn’t acquired, Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves. Their decades of poor leadership allowed for development to go unchecked in this township. Perhaps if this type of initiative had been brought forward sooner, more properties could have been saved. Sadly, UM Fox News once again has shown they are nothing but a fraud that is...

Debunking UM Fox News (AKA “UM Revealed”) – August 2015

The fine folks at Upper Merion Fox News (aka UM Revealed) are back at it again. It seems this page, which has done nothing but try post stories to intentionally mislead residents, is now trying to pass off information to its readers as “official news” from  Upper Merion Township. To post a release about road closures and then make assumptions when readers ask questions is irresponsible. We recommend residents get facts from the township and it’s elected officials directly rather from the propaganda posts that have come from UM Fox News. They have even posted an article that is four months old in an pathetic attempt to imply that UM taxes are too high. Until they come clean on who they are and who they represent, we will call them out for what they are: phonies who are duping citizens into believing their twisted logic. If you want actual news and information from the township, get the facts from the OFFFICIAL township Facebook page or follow: Upper Merion Supervisor Greg Waks, Erika Spott, Carole...

Dr. Gary Ledebur joins UMASD Forward Team

The Upper Merion Area Democratic Committee announced today that Rosemont College professor Dr. Gary Ledebur has joined the UMASD Forward team and is running for School Board in Region 3. Dr. Ledebur replaces Dr. David Karen who has served on the school board since 1999, and withdrew from the race earlier this month.”After initially agreeing to run for a fifth term, I reevaluated my decision this Spring and Summer” Karen said. “I feel after 16 years, it’s time for me to retire and I am confident that Dr. Ledebur will make an excellent school board director.” Ledebur said “I am honored to run for David’s seat and look forward to the fall campaign. I have a lot to offer the Upper Merion Area School District and as I have talked with voters, they are encouraged  by my campaign and are eager to help out.” Upper Merion Area Democratic Committee chairman Tom Kohler added, “To lose a board member with such a background as David’s is tough, but to have the opportunity to replace him on the ballot with someone equally as qualified is exciting. It goes to the depth of quality individuals the Democratic Party has in this community and we are thrilled that Gary is willing to serve. Across our entire ticket, both locally and county wide, we have the most qualified ticket in every race. We pride ourselves on the high level of candidates we elect to our local and county government.” Dr. Ledebur will be running in Region 3, which consists of the following precincts: Gulph 1 &2, King 1 & 2, and Roberts. He is running with Robyn Briggs who is the...

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