The Times Herald Our Readers Say: Current Upper Merion Supervisors worthy of re-election

From 10/28/15

As an Upper Merion resident for more than 30 years and someone who has served as an elected committeeperson for both the Republican and Democratic Parties, I have known every single supervisor over the last quarter of a century. This year I am honored to be supporting the re-election of Greg Waks and Bill Jenaway.

Greg and Bill’s achievements are unsurpassed. They have greatly improved our local economy and township taxes have not increased in six years – the longest stretch in recent Upper Merion history. In addition, they resolved decades long litigation against the township, thereby saving millions of taxpayer dollars. Our infrastructure has also improved with a new community and senior center on the way, a public pool, a trail from Heuser Park to Valley Forge and they have passed key ordinances to improve quality of life. Bill and Greg are succeeding in bringing senior housing to Upper Merion, reviving the business park and they created a scholarship program.

Under their leadership, public safety and traffic mitigation issues have taken precedence like never before. Equally as important, the culture of the board of supervisors is vastly improved. The petty bickering between Supervisors has ended and both the township and supervisors frequently reach out to residents. Also the board’s relationship with the school district is vastly improved and residents who show up at board meetings are treated with respect and political affiliation is no longer a consideration for appointments to citizen boards. These accomplishments and many others have been widely recognized.