The Times Herald “Our Readers Say”: Upper Merion candidate’s behavior questionable

From, October 22 2015

After attending the “Meet the Candidates” forum at the Upper Merion Senior Service Center on Monday October 5th, I was very concerned and disappointed by some of the things incumbent Judge Bill Maruszczak had to say, and the way he conducted himself as a candidate.

During the debate, which is available to watch online, Maruszczak lost his temper and interrupted his opponent, Ian Kingsley, when Mr. Kingsley mentioned a recent state audit that found problems with Maruszczak’s court management. Maruszczak was the only candidate to interrupt anyone during the debate all day. Maruszczak interrupted Kingsley to say “that’s not accurate.” Maruszczak also went on to say all of his audits were “basically perfect.”

I looked into this and discovered the 2014 state audit did find “significant deficiencies” and “material weaknesses” in Maruszczak’s management of the court, which is obviously a concern. However, even more troubling than the audit itself and Maruszczak’s lack of accountability, is what he said next…Maruszczak contended he would continue to serve as District Judge until he decides to retire. Then, during closing, Maruszczak said “maybe Mr. Kingsley can run in 20 years when I decide to retire.”

Maruszczak has been in office so long that he doesn’t even think the voters have a choice anymore. This sense of entitlement is appalling.

Fortunately, we do have a choice for District Judge on November 3rd, and that choice is clearly Ian T. Kingsley, Esq.

– Diane Reilly , King of Prussia