Debunking UM Fox News (AKA “UM Revealed”) October 21, 2015

Another page out of the tea party playbook is being carried out by the UM Fox News operation. 

The so-called “UM Revealed” (AKA UM Fox News) is trying to say the Democrats cost taxpayers 6 million dollars in sewer revenue and permit fees when they settled leftover litigation from Republican boards. This is the same argument that was debunked in the last Supervisor election two years ago. Since they can’t seem to understand basic facts, we will lay them out. Again.

In 2005, the Township and its all Republican board of Supervisors announced a settlement with the Village at Valley Forge developer. This came after decades of litigation that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. Less money could have been spent to buy the parcel to protect the open space.  When at least one attorney advised the Supervisors to settle the case, the Republicans ignored that advice and pushed ahead. The township lost the case and had to reach an agreement with the developer.  After this agreement was reached, one Republican Supervisor said at a public meeting that the golf course litigation was resolved and bragged openly about the economic value of the settlement when they knew there was another potential plaintiff lurking.   The other plaintiff ultimately decided to sue the township and was planning to use this Supervisors reckless statements against Upper Merion.  

It wasn’t until late 2011 that people really understood what we were dealing with.  Just weeks before a trial that had overwhelming evidence against the township, the board and the plaintiffs were able to work out an agreement. After all, taxpayers should not be responsible for the Republican’s fiscal mismanagement. 

Here’s just some of what Upper Merion lost due to Republican mismanagement of this litigation:

1) Millions of dollars in legal fees due to Republican mismanagement of this lawsuit.

2) An opportunity to preserve 50% of the golf course as open space if the case had been settled.

3) The integrity of those Supervisors who misled the public when they told UM residents that the entire litigation had been settled


Here’s what Upper Merion gained due to the ultimate resolution of the litigation:

1) Conservative estimate of $200 million in revenue in the first 25 years for the township and school district

2) Not having to pay tens of millions and potentially hundreds of millions if an adverse verdict came back against Upper Merion

3) Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which was getting ready to walk away from Upper Merion had the litigation not been settled


Its as simple as 1-2-3. When you look at the whole picture (and not just the parts being spoon fed by a dishonest, anonymous Facebook page) you get the WHOLE truth. Until “UM Revealed” stops intentionally misleading residents about who they are and what their agenda is, we will continue to call them out for what they are. Carnival barkers trying to sell snake oil to make a buck, or in this case, earn a vote. The UM GOP is will not rest until Karl Rove style politics is fully engrained in our community.

And, as always, unlike the anonymous radicals operating UM Fox News, we put our name on our posts.