Debunking UM Fox News (AKA “UM Revealed”) – August 2015

The fine folks at Upper Merion Fox News (aka UM Revealed) are back at it again. It seems this page, which has done nothing but try post stories to intentionally mislead residents, is now trying to pass off information to its readers as “official news” from  Upper Merion Township. To post a release about road closures and then make assumptions when readers ask questions is irresponsible.

We recommend residents get facts from the township and it’s elected officials directly rather from the propaganda posts that have come from UM Fox News. They have even posted an article that is four months old in an pathetic attempt to imply that UM taxes are too high. Until they come clean on who they are and who they represent, we will call them out for what they are: phonies who are duping citizens into believing their twisted logic. If you want actual news and information from the township, get the facts from the OFFFICIAL township Facebook page or follow: Upper Merion Supervisor Greg WaksErika SpottCarole Kenney,